Ultimate Entertainment Adams
About Us

     We provide our services to people who want to turn their event, home or business into something truly special. If you want that little something extra, something that will make your guests, friends or customers say, wow! Ultimate Entertainment Adams is the answer. We offer terrific enhancements that will have them talking about your party or holiday display for years to come.

               Our Disc Jockeys specialize in:



              SCHOOL DANCES

              And Many Other Occasions!

We also provide dance lighting to get the floor really hopping. Our combination of studio quality sound and lighting ensures the highest level of enjoyment for everyone especially you.

When it comes to celebrations, nothing gets things going like the right music. And no one knows how to start things up like we do.

Our Holiday Decorators specialize in:

              Residential and Commercial Decorating

              Custom Displays

              L.E.D. Lighting


              Outdoor Decor

Our personal service we provide you with the holiday experience you have been looking for. Let us work with you to create the perfect holiday light display.

When it comes to holiday decorating, nothing will make your property glow like a lighting display from Ultimate Entertainment Adams.